Burst Pipe Repair in Middletown

Frozen cracked pipe

Most people are very conscientious and wrap their pipes securely when extremely cold weather is in the forecast. But things happen – understandably – and sometimes we forget. If this happens to you and you have a burst or frozen pipe, here’s what to do. After taking these steps, call the professionals with Jones Services as soon as you can.

  1. Shutting Off the Water: Obviously, if you see water that means you have, more than likely, suffered a pipe break of some kind. You need to immediately turn off the flow of water to your home. In many homes the main shut-off valve can be located under the kitchen sink. However, if that is not the case in your home, you may need to shut off your water at the water meter. Then, turn on all of your home’s cold taps and let the pipe drain out the remaining water. Turn off your water heater and then turn on all the hot taps and flush all your toilets to further drain your water supply.
  2. Finding the Location of a Pipe Break: In order to prevent more damage from taking place, find the exact location of the burst pipe. If you see a small crack then you may be able to perform a temporary fix to patch it up. However, if the problem is with your main water pipe, you’ll need to call a professional as soon as you can in order to have it repaired. If you have an upstairs leak, be extremely careful when entering any lower-floor room because water may have accumulated in that room’s ceiling. If you see a bulge in any ceiling, it could give way at any moment. Another critical thing to remember is that you should never attempt any extensive repair or restoration work on your own. This could not only cause even larger problems, it could also be dangerous. Call Jones Services and we can take care of any repair work you need as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  3. Submitting and Insurance Claim for Burst Pipes: You should also call your insurance company as soon as you can in order to start your homeowner’s insurance claim. The agent will tell you exactly what steps you need to take next, and will schedule a visit to your home to assess whatever damage has taken place. It is extremely important that you thoroughly document any damage that has taken place; record it with a video or digital camera if you can.

For all of your burst pipe repair needs, call Jones Services today!

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