Boiler Maintenance in Middletown

Water Heater in Goshen, Middletown, Warwick, Orange County NY

At Jones Services we receive calls on a regular basis for boiler repair in Middletown. While we are experts at the repair, retrofitting and replacement of boilers, there are several instances where we find that a boiler would have lasted for many more years if only the owner had called us for regular maintenance.

Boiler Maintenance in Middletown

Our service professionals are familiar with many different brands of boilers, so we can diagnose any problems you may be having as well as perform regular boiler maintenance. In order to extend the life of your boiler as long as possible, it is important that you be as proactive as possible. If you only react to problems, by then it could be too late to perform a repair and you may need a replacement.

It is much better to try and prevent failure if at all possible by calling Jones to set up a proactive maintenance program. This will help ensure that your boiler will work at top efficiency when you need it the most. We will thoroughly analyze your unit using the most advanced techniques available to spot potential problems before they turn into something serious.

Boiler Maintenance Services in Middletown

You should have your boiler checked at least once a year to make sure it is running as smoothly as it should.

A Jones service professional can come to your home to clean and inspect your boiler burners as well as inspect its electrical connections, mechanical zone valves, water entry components and backflow preventer. We can also check your boiler’s gas pressure and also look for any leaking pipes and valves.

Some of the other boiler maintenance services we provide include:

• Inspect plugs in boiler control piping
• Flush boiler and remove all sediments
• Inspect boiler pilot electrodes
• Clean air damper and blower assemblies
• Check motor starter contacts – clean and check
• Adjust burner for correct combustion
• Perform combustion analysis on boiler
• Inspect boiler circulating pump
• Test boiler combustion air and flue exhaust
• Inspect and clean boiler fireside surfaces
• Inspect boiler door gaskets

Even if your boiler is working fine, you should still call Jones Services to perform a thorough maintenance check to make sure it continues to work all winter long!

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