Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance by Jones Services

As temperatures continue to rise this summer, you’ll likely be spending more and more time indoors to stay cool with air conditioning. Because you rely on your AC so much to stay comfortable during the summer heat, it’s important that you keep it working properly. Here are a few reasons why you should schedule your routine maintenance this summer.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance

By having your cooling system routinely serviced, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Better energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is very important when it comes to the equipment in your home.  Routine tune-ups will help keep your cooling system working as efficiently as possible. A tune up will clean your system inside and out, as well as address any issues or wear and tear. An efficient system will require less electricity to operate, saving you money on your electric bill.
  • Extended lifespan. Professional tune-ups will keep your system running smoothly for it’s whole life.  Because your full system is checked with every inspection, areas of concern are easier to locate and fix before they have the chance to escalate. To get the full lifespan out of your AC, routine maintenance.
  • Cleaner Air. Did you know that an old, broken, or outdated air conditioner can actually harm your air quality? Allergens, dust, and other contaminates can make their way into your air supply, causing asthma symptoms to worsen an other breathing related illnesses to pop up. During professional maintenance, our service techs will switch out your old filter for a brand new one as well as clear any debris that have built up along the way.
  • Fewer repairs in the future. The most beneficial aspect of a scheduled tune-up is that it prevents problems down the road. When even the smallest AC problem is left to worsen, it can escalate rapidly. Before you know it, you may have an extensive and costly repair on your hands! During maintenance, every piece, nook, and cranny are checked for damages. If you are in need of repairs or replacement parts, we will go over your options with you.

How Jones Services Can Help

Your comfort and safety is our main concern. Our comprehensive tune-up covers all aspects of your system. We also have a maintenance plan to ensure that your cooling system never gets left behind! All of our customers are included in our customer service guarantee, but our maintenance plan customers receive priority.  There are many other benefits and advantages of enrolling in our maintenance plan.  These include:

  • Covered parts and labor costs
  • Scheduled seasonal service tune-ups
  • Scheduled filter changes and cleanings
  • Extended equipment life
  • A top priority for on-call 24-hour emergency service
  • Priority repair response service
  • Lower utility costs
  • Highly skilled, trained, and certified service professionals

Call Jones Services today to enroll in our maintenance plan. We’ll keep you call all summer long! 

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