Basement Flood Prevention Goshen

Leaking Water Problem in Goshen, Middletown, Warwick, Orange County NY

A finished basement can be a great addition to a home; while it is a big investment, it can be a comfortable living space, and a great way of getting away from the world. However, a flash flood can turn your dream into a nightmare if you don’t have a solid plan for flooding prevention.

A Critical Line of Defense

One of the best ways of defending your basement is a sump pump, which is designed to ingest water and force it out of your basement via a discharge pipe. They usually sit in a well, or “sump pit,” that not only holds the pump, but also acts as a reservoir. This pit collects the water that the pump moves out.

However, in most cases, a home’s main sump pump is powered by electricity. Most flooding storms are accompanied by lightning, which can obviously knock out the power grid. Every pump system should have a backup, and one of the best backups is a water-powered sump pump.

No matter how much it storms outside, a water-powered pump will continue to work by using the water pressure produced by your home’s water supply. It does not need electrical power, and it does not need a battery. When fully operational, this type of pump can remove more than 1,300 gallons of water per hour.

Not for Minor Leakage

A sump pump is not designed for typical basement leaks. Usually, when a basement has a leak, water comes from the walls or an area called the cove seam, which is the area where the floor and wall meet. A sump pump cannot drain this area on its own. Rather, you will need an interior drainage system to guide water to the sump pit. Then, the pump can take that water out of your basement. Even if water is collecting two feet away from the pit, the pump will not be able to ingest it.

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