Ask Our Chester Plumber: What Causes Your Pipes to Leak?

As the outdoor temperatures continue to trend downward, it’s important to take the steps necessary in avoiding pipe leaks. In fact, if you go without professional attention long enough, your leaky pipes will grow worse and your winter may turn into one huge plumbing nightmare. The possibility of frozen pipes is particularly high at this time of year as well, which could spell doom for your home’s plumbing system.

At Jones Services, we have a Chester NY plumber who is always ready to help you get to the root of your pipe leak problems. Many homeowners often have no idea why their  pipes are leaking, which is where our team of plumbers will step in and help determine the root of the problem. Best of all, we’re available for service all winter, so feel free to give us a call!

What Causes Leaks?

For most homeowners, the source of leaky pipes is a mystery, mainly due to the fact they’re not immediately visible to the eye. However, thanks to our Chester plumber, we’ve identified the most common reasons for leakage:

  1. Corrosion: Metallic pipes older than 15 years will experience corrosion in some form, but newer pipes are still at risk. There are several things that contribute to this corrosion – water chemistry, the pH level of the water, the amount of oxygen in the water, the temperature, and the velocity/pressure of the water in the pipes. This can also negatively impact water quality
  2. Excessive Water Pressure: If the pressure of the water flowing through the pipes is too much, it creates weak spots. This, in turn, will cause a leak. If you think you have excessive water pressure in your home, please call our Chester plumber for further inspection.
  3. Temperature Changes: Frozen pipes are certainly nothing you want to experience this winter, but temperature changes can impact your pipes for the worst. Because water expands and contracts with changes in temperature, a sudden burst of hot water into a freezing cold pipe could cause that pipe to burst. Call our Chester Plumber immediately once you suspect your pipes might be in the process of freezing.
  4. Water Erosion: Similar to how water can erode rock over time, it can do similar things to the inside of your pipes. It slowly erodes the inside of the pipe until it eventually breaks through, leaving room for considerable leaks. Pipe replacement may be needed in this situation.

Contact Jones Services today if you notice any of these signs and our Chester NY plumber will fix your leaks in a hurry!

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