Ask a Middletown Plumber: What is Causing Your Faucet to Leak?

You’re probably so wrapped in your own holiday plans this season that you’re not paying attention to the smaller problems in your home, like a leaky faucet. In truth, while a leaky faucet doesn’t seem like much of a concern, it can lead to some harmful consequences for your home’s plumbing system. A single leak can waste plenty of gallons of water if you choose not to seek professional assistance. A problem that seems so small can turn out to be your biggest nightmare!

Jones Services has a Middletown plumber who can repair and replace your faucet so you can avoid plenty of trouble in the future. Our plumbers have years of experience fixing and replacing leaky faucets, which lends itself greatly to the overall quality of their work. They’ll also work with you in ensuring the work is done to your specifications. We simply want plumbing that works for you, and part of that is providing you a brand new faucet!

The Main Causes for Faucet Leaks

The first step in fixing your faucet leaks is identifying what’s causing them in the first place. Quick determination of the causes of leaks leads to even quicker repair. While there are numerous things that can make your faucets leak, here some the main sources of trouble:

  • Poor Installation: More than not, a faucet can leak due to poor installation. Never refer to a professional service you don’t 100% trust, as it may lead you to experience things like leaks and other performance issues. Unlicensed handymen may be able to fix leaks, but not quite with the precision of a real professional. Our team of highly-trained plumbers can make sure your faucet is installed correctly with stronger connections.
  • Water Pressure Problems: High water pressure can actually cause faucet leaks due to the pressure preventing water from flowing away from a certain point. This can cause water to back up and seek another place to leak out. If you’re noticing high water pressure, it’s time to call Jones Services to either stabilize pressure or replace the faucet if the damage done by high levels of pressure is significant enough.
  • Older Faucets: Are you noticing your faucet is looking a little worse for wear? Then it’s possibly due to old age. Older faucets are more susceptible to rusting and see their performance begin to falter. The average lifespan of a faucet is between 10 and 20 years and if your faucet is any older than that, it’s time to consider replacement to lower the chance of leaks.

Contact Jones Services for a Middletown plumber who can install, repair, and replace your facet today!

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