Ask a Hudson Valley Plumber: How to prevent your pipes from freezing

House in the snow

Earlier this week we talked about how to find pipes that are at a high risk of freezing within your home. With that information at hand, you can start to take action and safeguard your home and pipes from getting damaged. The cold weather isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and it only promises to get worse: you’ll have to deal with this sooner or later.

Here are some great methods to prevent pipes from freezing over. Note that you will want to address the pipes at the greatest risk before the cold weather sets in: remember, it is the coldest at night, so don’t wake up to a big problem!

1) Insulate pipes: This is effective when it comes to pipes that are in high risk areas. Putting a good amount of insulation around a pipe will make it more difficult for the water inside to freeze.

2) Leave the faucet running: Leaving your faucets at a drip will keep water moving within the pipes, reducing the chance of it will freezing in place. This is an effective option if the power happens to go out: as your home grows colder, the risk of your pipes freezing increases.

3) Re-Route frozen pipes: A trained Hudson Valley Plumber can come into your home, help you identify problem areas in your pipes, and re-route or protect the troubled areas to help address the issue.

Take action today

Don’t the risk the safety of your home and family to chance this winter. The Jones Family has been serving the tri-state area since 1986. For over 27 years, we have been providing high quality services and products to homeowners and small businesses. Will Jones, Bill’s father was a master electrician who began serving the tri-state area in 1963. Working side by side with his father gave Bill the foundation he needed to begin the all-inclusive company that Jones Services is today.

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