Ask a Hudson Valley Plumber: How to find pipes in risk of freezing

Winter Home

Hudson Valley can get pretty frigid this time of year, and those cold temperatures aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. You may know that pipes bursting from freezing over can be a serious problem, damaging your home and costing some serious money in repairs. Do you know how you can safeguard your home against this major issue? Perhaps not. Identifying pipes at risk for freezing and what steps will help prevent those pipes from freezing is a critical piece of knowledge for a homeowner to have.

Here are some tips you can use today on what to look for when identifying pipes that might freeze or become an issue during a cold snap, and how to prevent the pipe from becoming damaged before the freezing temperatures come in.

Identifying Pipes in Risk of Freezing

Step 1: Know Your Home

You need to learn where your pipes run: start to finish. Get ready to dive deep into your basement and discover where each pipe runs throughout your home, and what they are used for. Where they run might not always be so obvious: some pipes can be hidden behind walls or otherwise blocked from view. Find equipment like your water heater or boiler as a start if you’re having any trouble. Learn where each pipe goes and what it’s used for, and if you need it, call the professionals at Jones to come in and give you a hand. Knowing where pipes are and what they are for will help address almost all home plumbing issues you encounter.

Step 2: Find The Cold

Do you have that one spot in your basement where it gets really cold? Are there any cracks on the walls or holes to the outdoors? If so, look for pipes near that area: cracks and other exposed areas within your home or basement increases the risk for a pipes freezing when they are exposed to the elements. Keep an eye out for these areas in particular as they will need to be addressed before the temperatures drop again.

Step 3: Watch The Weather

Understanding when coldest weather will happen is a major step in applying the preventative maintenance tips provided here. Hudson Valley can be unpredictable in the winter, and knowing when things will get cold and HOW cold it will get is crucial to preventing your pipes from freezing.

Don’t wait for the cold to come

Don’t the risk the safety of your home and family to chance this winter. Later this week we’ll write about what do with these at risk pipes, but if you can’t wait until then, give us a call. The Jones Family has been serving the tri-state area since 1986. For over 27 years, we have been providing high quality services and products to homeowners and small businesses. Will Jones, Bill’s father was a master electrician who began serving the tri-state area in 1963. Working side by side with his father gave Bill the foundation he needed to begin the all-inclusive company that Jones Services is today.

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