AC Service in Middletown: Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Air conditioner on backyard

Spring has sprung! This year, make your spring cleaning count: put AC service from the Jones AC professionals on your to-do list.

Manufacturers and AC service professionals alike agree that every AC should receive at least one AC tune-up per year. Why?

Without professional maintenance, debris can collect in the grates of your AC’s condenser coils and restricts efficiency. You may also lose efficiency if your refrigerant levels aren’t properly maintained. Plus, your air quality can suffer if your ductwork or filtration is not properly cleaned. A Jones professional offers all of the following during an AC tune-up:

  • Safety Control Adjustment
  • Condenser Coil Check
  • Air Handler Check
  • Refrigerants Refilling as Necessary 
  • Filter Cleaning/Replacement

As you prepare your home for the warmer months, don’t forget to prepare your AC! In just one AC service dispatch, your Middletown AC tune-up experts can ensure you have reliable, efficient, and affordable temperature control all spring and summer long.

The Importance of an AC Tune-Up

Professional AC tune-up isn’t just a necessary cost. When performed correctly, AC tune-up can immediately contribute to all of the following:

  • Savings on Energy Bills– Better efficiency means using less energy to product the same effect. Enjoy cool temperatures without breaking the budget by having your AC serviced by the Middletown professionals this year. The modest costs of AC tune-ups are easily covered by the monthly savings on your utility bills every year — remember, heating and cooling costs make up over 50% of your energy costs! Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth this year.
  • Better, More Effective Cooling- If it’s been a while since your last AC tune-up, you may notice that your AC isn’t working as well as it used to. Some rooms may be freezing cold, while others hardly get any cool air at all! Uneven cooling is a direct result of insufficient AC service. Overtime, your filters get dirty and start to clog, blocking new air from coming through. Your AC thinks it has reached the desired temperature because adjacent rooms are nice and cool, but others aren’t getting nearly enough attention. An AC tune-up from Jones Services can fix this problem for good!
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint– In addition to money savings, better efficiency also means a more environmentally friendly home. Get the cool air you need without the waste — call for an AC tune-up today!

Jones Services offers comprehensive AC service in Middletown for all of your cooling needs! From emergency repair to complete AC replacement, the Jones professionals have you covered. Start this summer off right with an AC tune-up from the Middletown experts — call for service today!

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