AC Repair Tips for Warwick, NY Residents

adjusting ac system

If you need AC repair in Warwick, then Jones Services is here to provide quality customer service and AC repair that will rock your world. Not that Warwick is a stranger to rock music, of course. The town is home to summertime music festivals, including the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival. However, before you tune your air guitar and bang your head this summer, it’s important to check to see if your AC is fully prepared.

Our AC experts at Jones Services would like to share with you some air conditioning repair tips below to keep your home in Warwick cool during those hot months. A simple fix now could save you some major money, time and effort later.

If your AC isn’t producing cold enough air:

  • Check your setup to see if the setting is only on “Fan” (no need to be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us!)
  • Look through the house for a door or window that has been left open.
  • Clean the filter and make sure nothing is clogging it up.
  • From the outside, ensure that nothing is blocking your AC unit – 3 feet of clearance is needed for quality air flow.

If you’re AC isn’t running at all:

  • The plug may have come loose from the outlet (again, nothing to be embarrassed about!)
  • Investigate for a blown fuse or circuit breaker on your property.
  • Inspect the outlet and try plugging the AC unit into a different one with the same voltage capacity that is able to support your AC unit.

Common AC Problems That Require a Simple Repair

  • Broken or worn out power cord. Due to fire and safety issues, have our professionals replace the cord properly.
  • In the condenser, grimy coils will cause frosting issues. The safest approach is to get in touch with our AC professionals to take care of this problem accurately.
  • Humming sounds probably mean you need a new fan motor.

Call our AC repair specialists at Jones Services today for any AC repair in Warwick! If you’re uncertain about any AC issues you’re experiencing, our licensed and insured electricians at Jones Services will pinpoint the problem, advise you on the best solution, and recommend proper AC maintenance tips to help prevent any problems from reoccurring.

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