AC Repair in Middletown

Residential Central AC unit

While your air conditioner is obviously not top of mind in the winter, it’s actually a very good time to think about it. When the heat gets turned up in the summertime, that’s not the time to realize you have a problem. Jones Services professionals provide expert AC repair in Middletown, so if your unit looks like it’s not working properly once you test it, give us a call.

There are several types of issues that can arise when an air conditioner hasn’t been used for several months. Here are some of the most common:

Wiring Problems: This is not only a common problem, it’s a dangerous one as well. If a wiring problem goes undetected, that can cause not only a fire hazard but an electrocution hazard as well. If your unit has been improperly installed the wiring may keep the unit from cooling your home and could repeatedly trip your circuit breaker.

Refrigerant Problems: The federal government banned the manufacture of new air conditioners that use R-22 (also known as Freon) due to concerns over destruction of the earth’s ozone layer. Effective January 2010, new models have to use a more environmentally friendly refrigerant known as R-410A. Whatever type of refrigerant your model uses, if you have a leak your air conditioner will have to work harder to produce the same amount of cooling. This not only results in higher energy bills, it also reduces the lifespan of the unit. Have a Jones Services professional come to your home to make sure you have no leaks.

Fan Problems: Problems with the outside fan are also common. The fan removes hot air from your home and moves it outside; if it is not working properly it can quickly overheat and potentially cause damage to the compressor.

Inside Coil Problems: The coil inside your air conditioner contains the refrigerant that pumps cool air through your home. If your coil freezes, that could be a sign of another problem with your unit. A frozen coil could be a sign of an improper amount of refrigerant, a blocked air duct or something else.

Call the pros with Jones Services before the weather really warms up to have your air conditioner checked. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll stay cool all summer because your AC will be running smoothly.

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