AC Repair in Middletown: Tips For NY Homeowners

Air Conditioning unit

When the temperatures soar but your air conditioner isn’t working properly, it’s time to schedule AC repair in Middletown. However, before you make an appointment with an HVAC service professional, it’s a good idea to review whether your AC actually needs repairing, or whether it’s not functioning properly due to other factors.

Two Factors That Can Cause Your AC to Underperform

Here are Jones Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electric we often see property owners who think their ACs are malfunctioning, but who actually need to make some common-sense changes in order to get their ACs back up to speed. Here are two factors that can cause your AC to underperform:

  • Dirty filter. Your AC’s filter needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly, between once every one and three months, depending on your appliance and usage. If you don’t provide a clean filter, the AC will consume more energy, cool less effectively and fail to improve the air quality.
  • Proximity to heat-emitting electronics. If your air conditioner is too close to a television, computer, stereo or other heat-emitting electronic device, it’s likely that it’s picking up on the localized heat instead of the general room temperature. This will cause the AC to continue to cool, even when the temperature has reached the desired level. To remedy this, simply move all electronics devices at least three feet away from the AC.

When to Call Your HVAC Specialist

If neither of these two factors are in play, then you most likely have a real problem on your hands. And that means it’s time to call an HVAC specialist. He can come to your home or place of work and assess the problem with the AC; then inform you as to the most cost-effective solutions.

If you call Jones Services, you can be sure to get top-notch HVAC service. Our service professionals are all up to date on the latest cooling technology and will in most cases have the equipment and parts necessary to repair your AC on the spot. So don’t wait too long: if it’s hot outside and your AC isn’t working properly, call Jones today!

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