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Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez 5.0
Jeannie Kiely
Jeannie Kiely 5.0

I have used Jones services for the past 12 years..I am extremely satisfied with their services. Their technicians are excellent. Marshall did a great job today, as my service usually is ..Jean Kiely Once again I am commenting on excellent service from of Jones Services technicians. Chris T was very helpful and did a fantastic job.12/9/2019 Just to say that technician Dan B. did a great job installing a water heater. He was very thorough and knowledgeable about the service. He answered all of my questions making me feel secure in my choice. 9/14/2020 Rich did an excellent job, explained everything I had questioned! 1/6/2022Read More...

Lauren Crociata
Lauren Crociata 5.0
Luz Butler
Luz Butler 5.0

Ashley was very thorough in her assessment and explaining finance options! Very respectful and friendly. I would recommend her professional services to anyone

Tracy Bowden
Tracy Bowden 5.0
Kevin Obrien
Kevin Obrien 5.0
Linda Okros
Linda Okros 5.0

Kyle checked our heating system. He is very professional and knowledgeable.

Darya Erenburg
Darya Erenburg 5.0
Tony Ruvo
Tony Ruvo 5.0
Antoinette Faig
Antoinette Faig 5.0

Here at Jones Services, our top priority is and always will be our customers. We strive everyday to provide top rated service to make sure you and your family are always safe and comfortable! Don’t believe us? Check out some testimonials from some of our amazing customers below!

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