Sewer Repair from a Plumber in Warwick

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Your main sewer line has an important job to do. Basically, that drain carries away the wastewater and raw sewage from all of your drains to be disposed in the public sewer system. Even more importantly than simply keeping your home clean, this drain keeps diseases out of your living areas. So what happens when that critical drain is out of order? You may notice:

  • Standing Water in Your Sink/Tub/Shower
  • Frequent Toilet or Drain Back-Ups
  • Bad Odors in Your Living Areas
  • Even Flooding in Your Basement from Main Line Backflow!

Don’t panic: the Jones experts are available to help.

Sewer repair can be a costly and complicated procedure, especially when you choose the wrong local Warwick plumber to do the work. Why? Because there are a number of options for sewer repair that you might not be aware of if the plumber on the job doesn’t have the right tools.

In this blog, we want to go over all of the different ways to repair your sewer main line. That way, you’ll know what your options are when the sewer repair experts arrive! Call Jones for the best plumbing experts in Warwick today.

Sewer Repair Options — What Does “Trenchless” Mean?

There are two main types of sewer repair:

  • Conventional– In a conventional sewer repair procedure, the plumber needs to dig up the existing sewer line and either perform the repair or simply install a replacement line in its place. This method is tried and true, but it frequently results in damage to your yard or landscaping — which, whenever possible, we want to avoid!
  • Trenchless– As opposed to conventional, trenchless sewer repair does not require digging (or, at least, only very minimal). Instead, the pipe is repaired or replaced from the inside. A newer, stronger pipe can be installed in an old pipe without having to unearth the line.

What are the trenchless methods, and how do they work? There are a number of no dig sewer repair procedures that a licensed and certified plumber with the right technology should be able to perform:

  • Epoxy Pipe-Lining
  • Pipe-Bursting
  • Spot Repair
  • Directional Drilling

Ask any plumber who comes to your home or business to perform sewer repair whether or not they offer the above. Perhaps a trenchless method would be better suited for your homes!

Need sewer repair? Call the experts at Jones today!

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