3 Signs You Need Gas Pipe Repair from Our Newburgh Plumber

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This holiday season may be all about having fun, but you should also be safe, especially when it comes to maintaining your home’s gas piping. Many residential homes each year either succumb to fires or explosions due to a faulty gas pipe, leading to extensive property destruction or a loss of human life. In short, gas piping is serious business. If you suspect there’s a problem in your gas piping, it’s more important than ever to consider calling our Newburgh plumber for gas pipe repair upon the first signs of problem.

The team at Jones Services knows what it takes to make sure your gas pipe is repaired and ready to go without trouble. It should always be performed by a high-quality professional service as work from an unlicensed handyman or scam service may result in less-than-durable repairs that will make your gas piping even more hazardous. Gas lines carry flammable gas and one small mishap can lead to much bigger problems. If you want gas pipe repair done right, then call us and we’ll send a Newburgh plumber to your home immediately.

When Should You Call for Gas Pipe Repair?

Once you notice something is not quite right with your gas pipe, then there’s other acceptable course of action than calling for help and make sure your family is kept safe. If you want to know when the time is right, observe the following 3 indicators:

  1. Natural Gas Smell: Are you suddenly smelling natural gas in your home? Then it could be a sign of a gas leak and needs to be treated immediately. It generally indicates there are traces of natural gas in the air and if exposed to anything it flammable, it can result in some disastrous consequences.
  2. Physical Damage: No matter how well they work, gas pipes will age and begin to show signs of physical wear and tear. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the performance of your gas pipes will be impacted, it does however increase the risk of it experiencing problems in the future. Cracks, leaks, holes, or any sort of wear and tear is means for immediate treatment as even the smallest physical damages can lead to much bigger problems down the road.
  3. Dying Vegetation: Are the nice plants and flowers around your house beginning to die? While it may come down due to a lack of proper attention, dying vegetation can also be a sign that there is a gas leak in your home. Also take not of any strange discoloration of plants.

Contact Jones Services and we’ll send a Newburgh plumber to your home immediately to fix your gas pipe!

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