Blooming Grove Colonial Gets Energy-Efficient HVAC Upgrade

Getting a standard HVAC system installed doesn’t always go as planned. The home was equipped with an oil heating system and a standard ducted AC for the family. Unfortunately for the owners, the company that put in this system poorly handled the installation, and it left the home with heating and air conditioning problems throughout the year. 

The owners of this Blooming Grove colonial home were experiencing hot and cold spots throughout the house because the HVAC system was not installed with enough zones of comfort. This led to many of the rooms never getting properly heated or cooled. Additionally, the lack of more than one thermostat limited the family’s ability to control the comfort in the different areas of the home.

After dealing with the discomfort for some time, the homeowners decided enough was enough and contacted Jones Services. Our team was able to design an energy-efficient solution that would provide high-quality comfort throughout the home, giving the family control over their home’s heating and air conditioning all year long. 

The Problem: The existing oil heating system and single-zoned ducted air conditioning system were poorly installed and limited the family’s control of their comfort throughout the home. The inefficient design cost them money and kept energy bills high all year long. 

The Solution: Jones Services designed a hybrid four-zone HVAC system with ducted and ductless units to provide high-quality heating and air conditioning to the living room, master suite, garage, and bonus room

The Design

Because the home was already equipped with ductwork, the team at Jones Services decided that the best solution for these homeowners was to utilize the ductwork. This would save the homeowners money without sacrificing the efficiency and control over the temperature that the family craved. 

In addition to replacing the ducted air handler, the system would have three ductless AC installed in the other zones of the house. Two of the slim ducts would be used in the upstairs rooms, while the main floor would use the new ducted air handler. Lastly, a floor-mounted unit would serve the bonus room above the garage. 

Additionally, the owners decided to have solar panels installed to help lower the footprint of their home and offset their energy bills.

The Installation

Before the installation could begin, the team had to remove the existing air handler and replace it with a new Mitsubishi 30K BTU Multi-Position air handler to service the home’s main floor. Additional ductwork had to be installed to provide the proper heating and air conditioning for the main floor, but the new ducts were easily connected to existing registers. 

Next, the team at Jones Services installed two Mitsubishi slim duct concealed heat pump air handlers in the second-floor master suite. One unit was installed near the master bedroom’s closet to provide heating and cooling to the master bedroom. The second ductless AC was installed in the bathroom.

The next part of the installation was disconnecting the flex from the bonus room and running new flex lines to all of the existing registers. These units were then attached through the lines to the newly installed outdoor condensers. 

Two new outdoor heat pumps were installed outside the home to supply the indoor ACs with the treated air. The Mitsubishi Electric outdoor condensers with Hyper-Heating will help the family keep their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without costing a fortune! These two heat pumps were mounted on concrete pads to ensure they stay clear of debris and snow. 

Two new branch boxes were installed in the basement, and new refrigerant lines were run from the outdoor condensers. Additionally, two Kumo cloud adapters were set up to give the owners control over their home’s HVAC system from their smartphone.

The Benefits

The new HVAC system installed in this colonial home will help the family to enjoy high-quality heating and air conditioning throughout the year. Each of the four zones is controlled with its own thermostats or through the Kumo cloud app on the owners’ smartphones. This gives the family total control over their comfort throughout the home. 

Additionally, because the zones are separate from one another, the central HVAC system won’t have to work overtime to keep up with heating and cooling the entire house. Instead, if the family decides that one of the rooms isn’t being used regularly, they can just turn off the heating and AC to that zone a save even more on their energy bills without straining the rest of the system.

The design of this hybrid ducted and ductless system will lower the owner’s monthly bills significantly. The addition of the solar panels will ensure even more savings throughout the year.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing heating and air conditioning system or need a complete overhaul, call Jones Services. We’ll help you find the best solution for your home so that you can enjoy the comfort you deserve in your home all year long. 

Call today to schedule a consultation with our technicians!

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