5 Signs You Need a Generator Replacement in New York

generator replacement in New York by Jones Services

With every passing year, we become more reliant on having a constant supply of electricity in our homes. To circumvent the inevitable power outages, we buy generators to keep our homes powered in tough conditions. However, even these sources of power can get worn down and fail when they’re needed most. However, if you know the signs, you can tell when you’ll need a generator replacement in New York and avoid being left in the dark.

Here are 5 signs you should get a generator replacement in New York:


Low power flow

Obviously, the reason you have a generator is to provide constant, reliable energy to your home. If it can’t provide that consistency under testing conditions, how will it fare when you need it most? If you’re diligent and test your generator a few times a year, you might notice it’s not providing as much energy as it should. Should this happen, contact one of our professionals to figure out what’s wrong with the generator.



Take a look at your generator’s manual and it should tell you about how much fuel it should consume. If your generator is getting old or isn’t well-maintained, its fuel usage will start to rise. You might be able to replace some parts, but you’ll eventually have to replace the unit.


Difficulty starting up

This is something you don’t want to blindside you when there’s no power. A variety of issues could cause this to happen. If you use a portable generator, the fuel inside might have gone bad if you haven’t been cycling it out. For a whole-home generator, you might want to check the gas line or the generator’s electrical system. Either type may also be suffering from a dead battery. Whatever the cause, you’ll want to start looking for a new generator.



A generator’s age isn’t necessarily dictated by how many years it has. Instead, a generator’s age depends on how many hours it has run. On average, a standby generator can last from 10,000 to 30,000 hours of use. Light-duty users can expect their generator to last about thirty years. However, heavier users should be aware that their generator won’t last as long.


Frequent repairs

Not counting preventative maintenance, an average generator shouldn’t have more than two repair jobs a year. However, if your generator is breaking down almost every time you use it, it’s time to get a new one. If it’s still relatively new, make sure to check and see if it’s under any sort of warranty.


Why is Jones Services my best choice for electrical work?

For 33 years, people in the tri-state area around Goshen, NY have called us to handle their home service needs. Our independently-owned company offers generators from a wide variety of brands and can offer a one-day replacement. In addition, we’re transparent with our pricing and go for a flat upfront rate to avoid sketchy ‘pay by the hour’ schemes. If you need someone who can perform a high-quality generator replacement in New York, call Jones Services today!

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