5 Common Reasons for a Clogged Drain in Middletown, NY

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A clogged drain in Middletown, NY is one of those everyday inconveniences that is nonetheless deserving of immediate attention. If not taken care of right away, that clogged drain may turn into a plumbing nightmare so severe that it can jeopardized your entire plumbing system. Knowing what can cause a drain to clog is the first step in getting it fixed. The more you know, the quicker you can call for service.

Of course, as the old saying goes, knowing is half the battle. When you need a clogged drain fixed, please call Jones Services as soon as possible. We can provide you with several drain cleaning solutions that will kick any clog to the curb. In addition, we’re here to teach what can go wrong with your drains so you’re not spending another spring with drain problems!

What Can Clog Your Drains?

In our years of experience taking care of clogged drains in Middletown, NY, we generally find these are 5 most common clog causers:

  1. Dish Soap: That dish soap you see in the commercials may keep your dishes spotless, but it can be what causes your drains to clog. The thick consistency of dish soap means it will create a slower passage through your drains. Remember, for dish soap: keep it on the dinner plates, not in the drains!
  2. Cooking Grease: If you are washing dishes in your kitchen sink with cooking grease on them, be sure that grease doesn’t go down the drain. Grease will eventually harden and give you a severe clog no plunger can handle. Drain snaking and water jetting is more commonly used in this situation.
  3. Tree Roots: Though commonly found in many older homes, tree root intrusion is still a real problem that occurs to this day. It can be difficult trying to determine if your drains are clogged due to tree root growth, but a professional at Jones Services can conduct camera inspection to inspect the problem.
  4. Physical Objects: Did your child accidentally put their favorite toy down the drain? Well, it may be the thing that causes a clog. Anything from small toys to utensils are immediate clog causers that will need to be removed manually.
  5. Broken Pipes: Sometimes, the cause of a clog isn’t due to a particular substance. Older pipes have a higher chance of deteriorating and causing clogs themselves. If you suspect this is the reason you’re experiencing a clog, more extensive pipe repair may need to be done.

Contact Jones Services today if you want to learn more on how you can fix a clogged drain in Middletown, NY!

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