4 Advantages of a Sump Pump Installation in New York

sump pump installation in New York by Jones Services

During the summer, we’ve seen plenty of sudden, heavy storms hit the area. When these storms hit, all that rain can get into your basement and sometimes cause major water damage. However, there’s a product we can offer to protect your basement from flooding. A sump pump is a kind of pump used to remove water build-up in basements and other crawlspaces by depositing it into a building’s wastewater system. If you live in New York and are looking to protect your basement, we can help you out with your sump pump installation.

Here are four of the benefits you can expect from getting a sump pump installation in New York:


Reduced mold and mildew

Do you have old puddles of stagnant water in your damp basement? That dampness can make your basement a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Not only can mold damage your home, but it can also cause various health problems. Having a sump pump can keep your basement dry and avoid heavy mold and mildew growth.


Increase property value

It’s a simple fact that people looking to buy a home appreciate features that help protect their potential home from damage. As a result, installing a sump pump in your home can help maintain its value. In addition, it’ll keep the structure of the house from being compromised by water damage, which is something that will hurt its value.


Reduced fire risk

A big cause of electrical fires is when flooding damages your electronics. When water gets in your basement, it can cause short circuits in any appliances you might have down there, like washing machines and heating systems. Even if you don’t get a fire, your appliances will be ruined. A sump pump can protect your appliances from water damage and electrical fires caused by said damage.


Prevent flooding damage

Sump pumps are good at dealing with gradual water build-up. However, they really come in handy when dealing with large-scale flooding. If torrential rains cause your basement to flood, you could easily have over a foot of flooding. This could water damage to your home and anything you store down there. Fortunately, a working sump pump can prevent this problem.


Why choose Jones Services for my next home installation?

For almost 35 years, Jones Services has been diligently helping the people around Goshen, NY with their home service problems. Our locally-owned and operated company with several prestigious organizations dedicated to business integrity, including the BBB and Chamber of Commerce. We are certain of our product’s value. If you can find a lower price on a sump pump, we’ll pay the difference plus an extra $50! Call Jones Services today to learn more about our sump pumps and special offers!

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