3 Reasons to Call Us for an AC Tune-Up in Florida, NY This Summer

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Have you scheduled your annual AC tune-up in Florida, NY yet? If not, then you should. Here’s why.

3 Good Reasons to Schedule Your AC Tune-Up in Florida, NY

We all know how incredibly hot and humid it can get here in the summer months. For most of us, our air-conditioned homes are the only respite from the relentless heat. But if your AC hasn’t had a tune-up in the last 12 months, then you’re not getting the most out of your appliance. An annual tune-up is critical because:

  1. It’s better for your health. Your AC performs three crucial functions in your home: it prevents temperatures from rising to unhealthy levels; it reduces humidity; and it filters contaminants out of the air. If any of these three functions is impaired, it has an immediate effect on your living environment. And that can affect not only your health, but also that of your family and pets.
  2. It’s better for your wallet. A well-maintained air conditioner is much more energy-efficient than one that hasn’t been maintained. Timely maintenance ensures that all of the parts work properly; that the appliance is clean; and that any issues are taken care of before they become major problems. As a result, an energy-efficient appliance uses less power—and that keeps your energy bills down.
  3. It’s better for your AC. Having your AC professionally cleaned and repaired once a year will extend its lifespan, which means you’ll get more bang for your buck. Think about it: simply scheduling one maintenance appointment per year can help you avoid major repairs and keep your appliance working for at least 10 years. If you don’t maintain your AC, it’s far more likely to need costly repairs, plus, it probably won’t have a lifespan of more than eight years or so.

Call Jones Services for Your AC Tune-Up in Florida, NY

If you’re looking for top rated AC maintenance in Florida, NY, just call the team of HVAC specialists here at Jones Services. We’re prompt, professional and affordable, and we always go the extra mile for our customers!

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