3 Plunging Tips for Chester Drain Cleaning

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The plunger—it’s one of the simplest yet most effective piece of drain cleaning technology. No home is complete without it, and they prove to perfect tool when you’ve got a drain clog in need of fixing. Of course, while the plunger is the easiest tool there is, there are several things you can do to ensure you’re plunging effectively.

At Jones Services, our team of plumbers are always willing want to see or customers take a stand against drain clogs, which involves our team of dedicated plumbers giving advice to homeowners on how to use drain cleaning tools properly. Overall, we want to ensure you have the best plumbing possible so you’ll never have to worry about clogs ever again!

How Can You Plunge Effectively?

A plunger is your greatest asset when you’re dealing with a minor clog, especially when you’re involved in a last minute situation. Take a look at the following 3 tips so you’re plunging like a pro in no time:

  • Choose the Right Plunger Type: There are two different plungers: a cup plunger and a flange plunger. Cup plungers are the most common type and can be used to treat drain clogs in toilets, showers, and sinks. A flange plunger has an extended rubber lip that provides a better seal for toilets. Make sure to know the difference so you’re not stuck with a plunger that’s ill fit for the job.
  • Remove Excess Water: Do you have clog in your bath tub or sink where the water levels are on the verge of overflowing? Then you must remove excess water before you plunge or else your plunger will be totally ineffective. The plunger won’t be able to create a vacuum seal without any gasp of air, leaving it unable to get rid of any clog.
  • Never Use with Drain Cleaning Chemicals: Drain cleaning chemicals and plungers can be effective in removing clogs, but they shouldn’t under any circumstance be used at the same time. Plunging following the addition of drain chemicals can allow the chemicals to splatter on clothing and skin. It can also damage drains more than help them!

Contact Jones Services today if you want to know more on how you clean your drains. And of course, call us for service today!

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