Goshen Water Treatment: How Can You Save Water This Winter?

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“Is your water running? Then you better go catch it!”—you probably heard this joke before, mostly on the receiving end of a prank phone call. But letting the water run isn’t a joke at all, especially during the winter. With your mind on snowfall and low temperatures, high water bills will only bring you more stress, especially if you’re struggling to keep up with all of it financially. When you’re looking for ways to save water, your best bet is to invest in Goshen water treatment.

And if you’re looking for a professional service that can provide you with that service, call Jones Services today. We can provide you with filtration solutions that will keep water clean and healthy, and even help you develop strategies to conserve your water supply. A large part of a happy home is having running water for all of your plumbing fixtures, but you can be even happier having running water that is both clean and doesn’t cost too much on water bills. We hope the next time someone asks you if your water is running, you can answer with a proud “Yes!”

How Can You Save Water This Winter?

Long showers and running faucets can really make those water bills pile up and if you’re not careful, then your jaw will hit the floor once you get a good glimpse at monthly water costs. If you’re looking to save water, follow these tips:

  • Check for Faucet Leaks:  Do you know how much water you’re wasting up to thousands of gallons of water if you don’t get it fixed? Faucet leaks can be the sole reason your water bills are rising beyond belief! Call professional at Jones Services if you notice your faucet leaks are frequent and slowly getting out of your control.
  • Shorter Shower Times: Your first instinct when trying to escape the cold is by taking a relaxing shower, but you don’t want to spend time in the shower too long! If you live in a home with a larger family, hot water will be used up quickly, so it’s important to divide 10 minutes between each shower to give a heater a rest. A 4 minute shower will only use between 20 and 40 gallons of water.
  • Don’t Wash Full Loads of Dishes or Laundry: It may be tempting to wash smaller loads of laundry or dishes when you need a certain article of clothing or glassware washed, but it’s best to wait until you have a full load to wash instead. Nearly 22% of indoor water usage comes from your laundry so wash more clothes all at once instead of doing smaller loads that will use up the same amount of water.
  • Use Bottled Water: While relying on bottled water all the time is neither cost-efficient nor helpful to the environment, using tap for water is also not nearly as efficient. Always keep a pack of bottled water handy and try to balance how much water you use between a tap and bottled. Instead of relying on tap water all the time as a drinking source, bottled water will keep water usage low while still being able to provide you with replenishment.


Contact Jones Services today for Goshen water treatment and if you want to learn more on how conserve water in your home!

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