4 Maintenance Tips for Water Heating in Middletown

Water Heater in Goshen, Middletown, Warwick, Orange County NY

It may be the time for jingle bells and decking the halls, but it’s also important to focus on water heating in Middletown. As we make our way into the winter season, snowfall is inevitable and there’s no better way to end a long day of snow shoveling than to jump into a warm shower or prepare a meal with hot water. However, if your water heater isn’t working up to par, it can prevent you from experiencing the relief and comfort you deserve. Plus, you rely on water heating multiple times a day for some of the most basic functions and it can really throw your everyday life into chaos if your water heater is busted.

While it may seem stressful, Jones Services is here to tell you can take action against water heater failure. While contacting one of our plumbers for water heater maintenance is ideal, there are also a few things you can do as responsible homeowners to ensure that your water heater will last you longer. Never be afraid to contact us if you any tips from our professionals!

How Can You Maintain Your Water Heater?

Want to know what you can do to improve water heating in Middletown? Then please consider the following pieces of advice:

  1. Drain Tank Water: The water supply in your storage tank runs the risk of being contaminated with sediment. This can make hot water incredibly hazardous to drink or use. Make a plan to drain the storage tank every so often to keep clean water in and contaminants out.
  2. Consider Storage Type: It’s important to know what type of water you have so you can meet its demands accordingly. Water heaters can come with a storage tank or be tankless entirely. Also pay attention to the name of the water heater’s manufacturer, as it will give you a clearer sense of what maintenance works needs to be done.
  3. Adjust Water Heater Thermostat: You can save up to 5% in energy costs if you turn down the temperature on your water heater’s thermostat. Hot water during the fall and winter may be nice, but it can cost you money on high energy costs just to heat water, especially if it’s an older water heater.
  4. Test Temperature-Pressure Release Valve: Make sure to test the temperature release valve at least once a year. Quickly discharge it two or three times. Also be on the lookout for any leaks coming from the valve.  If it appears damaged enough to the point where it can longer serve any use, then please call Jones Services for repair or replacement.

Contact Jones Services today for more advice on what you should do to ensure better water heating in Middletown!

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