Water Heating in Warwick: How Can Tankless Water Heaters Improve Efficiency?

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Conventional water heaters can provide plenty of hot water for all members of your household, but here’s the thing: they’re not as efficient as tankless water heaters. Though they can store more hot water than a tankless water heater, conventional water heaters use up more energy, require more maintenance, and more likely to experience a breakdown. You shouldn’t have to settle for headaches to go along with hot water, which is why converting to tankless water heating may be the best choice you could make, especially if that storage tank is giving you too many problems!

Jones Services offers excellent tankless water heater service that can see your old, faulty conventional water heater replaced with the latest in water heating technology. Our team of water heating experts can consult with you to determine if tankless water heating is the perfect fit for your home and work quickly on installation. Our main goal is provide you with a steady flow of hot water that’s as efficient as it is comforting!

The Efficiency Benefits of Tankless Water Heating

Tankless water heating won’t just improve efficiency is one particular area; it aims to improve life in your home in all areas. Ensuring a happier home is the name of the game, and here’s how tankless water heating fulfills that promise:

  • Energy Efficiency: Tankless water heating is known for its remarkable energy efficiency. While storage tanks on conventional water heaters tend use up more energy just heat up water, tankless water heaters use a smaller amount of energy to supply hot water for multiple plumbing fixtures.  Of course, this does wonders for your monthly energy costs, which would otherwise increase if you still owned a conventional water heater.
  • Cost Efficiency:  Tankless water heating won’t just keep the costs of energy bills to a minimum. It also prevents you from spending more money on water heater replacement. Though they have a higher upfront price, tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan than conventional water heaters, meaning you’ll get better water heating for a longer period of time with less of chance of having to spend money on repair and replacement services!
  • Space Efficiency: If have a smaller home, it can be difficult trying to find space for that big storage tank on conventional water heaters. Worse, if you do find space for it, it may take up room that could be otherwise used for other appliances. Tankless water heaters can solve this trouble by ditching the tank while still providing the hot water, giving you more room to store other belongings.

Contact Jones Services today to learn more about water heating in Warwick, especially if you want to convert from conventional to tankless!

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